How Do I Submit an Anonymous Tip?

You can submit an anonymous tip by emailing the ETPD at: police@easttown.org.

Does the Police Department Do Fingerprinting?

No, we do not at this time. Please check this site for information that may be helpful: https://www.identogo.com/locations

How Do I Report a Traffic Safety Issue?

The ETPD has a specially appointed officer who handles all traffic concerns.  Please contact Officer Boyd if you have a question or concern involving any and all traffic issues: bboyd@easttown.org or 610-341-9780, ext. 515.

Can I Request an Officer for Extra-Duty?

Yes. If you would like to secure an officer for your upcoming event, please call the ETPD directly or email us at: police@easttown.org.

Can I Request a Copy of a Traffic Accident?

If you would like to obtain a copy of a traffic accident, please visit: 


Please note, there is a $15.00 charge for accident reports and state reportable accident reports are generally not available until 7-12 days after the date of the accident.

Can I Request a Copy of an Incident Report?

If you would like to obtain a copy of an incident report, please note that most requests fall under the Right-to-Know Law. For more information, visit: 


To file a request, please click on 'Online Forms' to the left and proceed to the Right to Know form.