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Owners/occupants of all commercial, institutional and Township properties shall contract for their own collection of municipal solid waste and recyclables, subject to, all applicable laws.  For requirements, please visit the Commercial Requirements page. 

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The Township contracts with a hauler to collect trash and recyclables from all single-family residences and multifamily residential properties with less than four (4) units.  The Township's goal is provide you with continued quality trash and recycling services.    

If you have a problem with trash or recycling collection, please call the Township at 610-687-3000.

  • Trash containers are supplied by the Resident(s).  Residents are allowed up to eight (8) 64-gallon covered containers per collection day.  
  • Recycling containers are supplied by the contracted hauler and are available through the Township.  To request a container, please contact the Township at 610-687-3000 or

Trash and recyclables must be placed curbside by 6:00 AM on your scheduled date of collection. Empty containers must be removed before 8:00 PM the day of collection.