Household Hazardous Waste

The Township's trash hauler does not collect Household Hazardous Waste (HHW).  Chester County has drop-off locations on various dates around the County. 

Words identifying HHW are caution, toxic, danger, flammable, warning, corrosive, reactive, combustible, poisonous and hazardous. Examples of household hazardous waste include: oil-based paints, stains and varnishes; pesticides and herbicides; photographic chemicals; and swimming pool chemicals. Mercury will be accepted, but it must be packed safely.

Unacceptable materials include:  water-based paints; explosives; ammunition; appliances; radioactive waste; tires; infectious waste; and unidentified waste.


Click this link for Chester County Solid Waste Authority's most up-to-date schedule.

2018 Regional HHW Materials 2018

Electronic Waste (aka E-Waste)

PENNSYLVANIA’S ELECTRONICS RECYCLING LAW EFFECTIVE JANUARY  2013: This new law bans the disposal of TV’s and computer equipment at transfer stations and landfills, therefor Waste Management will no longer continue to pick up these items.  E-Waste equipment would include CPU’s/Laptop Computers,  computer monitors,  peripherals,  printers,  copiers  (desktop & Stand-alone),  CRT televisions,  non-CRT televisions,  answering machines,  camcorders,  cell phones, docking stations,  electric typewriters,  microwaves,  fax/copy machines,  duplicators,  pagers, radios, rechargeable batteries, remote controls, stereo/tape/CD/vcr/dvd players, telephones & equipment, testing equipment, toner/ink cartridges, gaming consoles/controllers.  *Smoke Detectors can be thrown in the trash.  If it has a PLUG, most likely it would be considered  as E-Waste!  It is now up to you as a resident to rid yourself of items as mentioned above.


You can air-dry or absorb latex paint before disposal. Absorbents include sawdust, clay-based kitty litter or rags. When the paint has solidified, seal the can and place in the trash.

Automobile Waste

Check with your local auto service station to see if they will accept your used motor oil, tires and antifreeze. Stores are required to accept your old car battery when you buy a new one. Scrap dealers and automotive centers also accept car batteries.

Household Batteries

Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. Many jewelry stores will recycle your small button batteries (from watches, calculators and hearing aids). Dispose of all other batteries in your trash.


Usable appliances to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Metal appliances can be recycled at scrap yards. Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners must have freon properly removed first.

Medicine & Health Care Materials

Home health care wastes consist of used "sharps" such as needles, lancets, syringes and other sharp objects. It also includes soiled bandages, disposable sheets and gloves. Prior to disposal, disinfect your sharps with a solution of 1 teaspoon of bleach in 1/2 gallon of water. All sharps can then be placed in a puncture-resistant, hard plastic or metal container. An empty detergent bottle or empty coffee can will do. Close the container tightly with the original lid and secure with heavy-duty tape. Place sealed container in a paper bag and discard with your household trash. Place non-sharp home health care wastes in a doubled, securely fastened, opaque plastic trash bag before putting them in your trash can with other wastes. If you have any doubts or concerns about the disposal of medical wastes, contact your healthcare professional or medical supply company.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs 

If the CFL burns out, the EPA recommends that consumers take advantage of available local recycling options. For care and precautions to use when handling the bulb, consumers can contact Chester County Solid Waste Authority, or the Environmental Protection Agency or CFL's do contain a small amount of mercury, and should be treated with care. There is also a precise and recommended clean-up process in the event a compact fluorescent light bulb should break.

Vinyl Siding 

Residents and small jobbers, who are replacing vinyl siding and would normally dispose of it at the Chester County Solid Waste Authority Lanchester Landfill, can now save money and recycle that vinyl siding at the same time. Residents may unload their vinyl siding, at the small load facility drop-off for a small fee of $7.00 per load. No wood or trash will be accepted. For more information call 610-273-3771. For information on other recycling opportunities at the Chester County Solid Waste Authority, visit