Devon Station Multimodal Access Study

DVRPC will hold an open house on Tuesday, March 03 from 5 pm to 7 pm at Hilltop House (next to the Township Building). For more information, please view this flyer.

In support of the Easttown Township’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is completing a multimodal access study of the Devon Train Station.  The Study is being 100% funded and completed by DVRPC.  It is scheduled to be completed by June 2020.

DVRPC Study Overview

The Devon Train Station is a key destination in Devon Center, a mixed-use area that straddles Lancaster Avenue/Route 30 in the northeastern area of Easttown Township (Township).  Capital improvements are planned by SEPTA for the Station building and platforms in the coming years.  However, access to the station and general mobility in the larger Station area are constrained by an inconsistent sidewalk network, challenging intersections, confusing driveways, and a lack of bicycle facilities.  Improving pedestrian and cyclist mobility was one of the key themes to emerge in the Township’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan [link].  This Study responds to the Plan’s recommendations by developing multimodal access and circulation concepts for the Station area. 

DVRPC’s Study also coincides with extensive public engagement and planning work conducted for the Devon Center Visioning and Zoning Amendment Project.  The DVRPC team will build on this work by facilitating discussions with local stakeholders about transportation, land use, and design strategies that advance the Township’s vision for Devon Center though future development and place-making around the Station.

Study Goals

  • Develop and evaluate strategies designed to make walking and biking to the Devon Regional Rail Station easier and more comfortable
  • Identify transit-supportive land use and development strategies for Devon Center that support the Township’s vision for this district

Presentation Items

At the Township’s Planning Commission meeting on January 07, 2020, members of DVRPC provided an update on its Study through a presentation on the following items: 

  • Agency overview and study background
  • Key station area conditions and observations
  • Park and ride passenger origins
  • Crashes
  • Pedestrian and vehicle flows/circulation
  • Pedestrian network gaps
  • Bicycle level of traffic stress
  • Focus areas for multimodal improvements
  • Transit-supportive land use considerations


DVRPC is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Greater Philadelphia Region, DVRPC works with a variety of stakeholders, including municipal, county, and state officials, to address issues of transportation, land use, environmental protection, and economic development.


If you have any questions, please contact Eugene C. Briggs, Jr., Assistant Township Manager and Director of Planning and Zoning, via email or by calling 610-687-3000 #109.