Ordinances and Resolutions


The following ordinances have been adopted, but have not been codified.  Ordinances are written laws adopted by the Board of Supervisors that serve as permanent, enforceable laws (unless amended or repealed through the adoption of a new ordinance).
  • No. 453-22 - Omnibus Ordinance Amendments
  • No. 454-22 - Portnoff 


A resolution deals with matters of special or temporary character.  It formally expresses the Board of Supervisors' opinion or will adopted by an official vote and resulting in a separate document that goes beyond simply recording an action taken by the Supervisors in the minutes.  Resolutions are confined to one subject and record official administrative actions not supported by the Easttown Township Code.
  • No. 2023-01 - Designation of Tompkins Bank
  • No. 2023-02 - Authorizing Facsimile Signature
  • No. 2023-03 - Setting the Treasurer's Bond
  • No. 2023-04 - Setting Emergency Service Coverage
  • No. 2023-05 - Berwyn Veterans Memorial Maintenance Obligation
  • No. 2023-06 - Amending Uniform Employees' Pension Plan and Trust
  • No. 2023-07 - Plan Revision for New Land Development - 422 S. Waterloo Road