Seed Library

Easttown Library joins hundreds of other libraries across the nation in hosting a seed library for its residents.  Seed libraries are a space where residents can give and take seeds from fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers they grow at home.  These libraries highlight the importance of saving heirloom quality seeds for both cultural and environmental purposes.  Increasing the genetic diversity of plants in our community attracts pollinators and makes for a more resilient community.  Additionally, seed libraries can build community and knowledge sharing among residents.  Please see the instructions below for using the new seed library.

The seeds donated to the Easttown Township Seed Library are free for residents to take and plant in their own home gardens.  There is no requirement to provide seeds back into the seed library but if you wish to contribute seeds it will help keep the seed library stocked in perpetuity.

Seeds are organized by type:  Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, PA Native and alphabetized in each section.

To Borrow Seeds:

  1. Find the seed you are interested in using.
  2. Take the Seed Library envelope out of the section and mark it with one of the Seed Markers so you remember where to return the envelope.
  3. Get a small white envelope from the Supplies section.
  4. Write on the envelope the name of the seed.
  5. Place the desired number of seeds from the Seed Library envelope into the small coin envelope.  (You may take a full packet of seeds if you intend to use the full packet, but please note some packets contain 50+ seeds.)
  6. Replace the Seed Library envelope back where you found it (they are alphabetized).
  7. Do this for all the seeds  you are interested in taking, using separate coin envelopes for each.
  8. Go home, plant your seeds, and watch them grow!

To Donate Seeds:

Please make sure you are donating organic, open-pollinated or heirloom quality seeds, and nothing of a hybrid variety (marked with an F1).  We wish to offer residents true-to-type seeds that are more likely to grow than saved hybrid seeds.

  1. Fill out a Seed Library envelope with the Common Name, Variety and Seed Source (can be a seed company).
  2. Separate seeds into multiple envelopes, if necessary.
  3. Place in the correct section (Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, PA Native) in correct alphabetical order.


COMING SOON:  Check back for growing instructions and how-to videos!

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