Zoning Permits


All permitting forms have been updated for 2023.  Applications revised prior to December 2022 will NOT be accepted. Additionally, permitting fees were updated in the most recent Easttown Township Fee Schedule.

SUBMIT YOUR PERMIT ONLINE* (Permit Portal) - The permit portal adds you to the queue faster, and allows for online payments. HOWEVER, a completed and signed application still needs to be uploaded to the portal or submitted to the Township in person or emailed to easttown@easttown.org

Unsure if your permit application is complete? Use the Application Completeness Checklist.


Zoning permits are generally required for proposed changes that will occur on the parcel/lot and the exterior of buildings as well as changes to the use of a property. Please refer to Chapter 274 Natural Resource Protection and Chapter 455 Zoning of the Township of Easttown Code for specific details.

  • Examples of projects that require a Zoning permit include, but are not limited to:
    • New fence installation
    • Existing fence replacement (removal and re-installation of roughly 50% or more of existing fence qualifies as replacement)
    • Generator installation
    • Hardscape improvement/installation (i.e. driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc.)
    • Adding accessory buildings/structures (i.e. sheds, gazebos, decks, garages, pools/spas, etc.)
    • Expanding buildings/structures (i.e. home additions, covered porch/patio, etc.)
    • Demolition
    • New Construction

For parcel-specific zoning information such as Zoning District, Dimensional Standards (i.e. lot size, impervious surface, setbacks, etc) and Allowable Land Uses, check out MapLink, the interactive zoning map for Easttown Township. For best search results by address, it is recommended to exclude the street type (example: Enter 123 Main instead of 123 Main Street).