What items are eligible for weekly recycle pickup?

The following items can be combined into the recycling bin:

  • ALUMINUM/STEEL CANS (flattened when possible) - beverage cans, emptied/punctured aerosol cans
  • CONTAINERS - resin codes 1-7 only
  • GLASS BOTTLES/JARS - clear, brown or green (empty and rinse - labels can remain)
  • PAPER - e.g. cardboard/cardboard containers, clean food boxes (wax liners removed), corrugated boxes, magazines, newspapers, tearable envelopes, school or office paper, shoe or gift boxes, telephone books, wrapping paper (non-metallic)

    Combine all papers, flatten or cut boxes to fit the recycling bin.  
    Larger corrugated or cardboard boxes must be cut and flatted into 2'x2' pieces.

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